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Thank you, Mr. Burrell! I was at your class last year and my gross income was 50 % more than the previous year and it was thanks to your negotiation class! Thank you!

– Monica Mendez

Great tools to add to the toolbox. This class gives organization and strategy for negotiating skills; whether it comes naturally or more of a challenge, these are some great nuggets of information for all skill levels!

- Lisa Porter Dismore


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If you need help with a real estate negotiation, I will discuss your negotiation, analyze it, then create a solution that will allow you to get great results.

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This continuing education course for Realtors will improve your negotiating ability. It is not abstract theory, it will teach you how to deal with the problems you encounter daily with role-playing to show you exactly what to say and do.

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This course will empower you:
- To win a bidding war for your buyer when there are multiple offers
- To negotiate repairs better so you will keep your sale on track
- To deal with difficult people so you can handle the most obnoxious situations
- To keep your sale together when negotiations break down.
- To better represent a seller who receives multiple offers to avoid the disasters that can happen if you do not know how to protect the seller and yourself