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The course begins by teaching two definitions of negotiating, so the student will evaluate which definition is more applicable to their real estate sales.  The student will analyze different styles of negotiating and learn to adapt to the style of negotiating being used by the other parties in the negotiation.

The student will discover how to become more powerful in a negotiation by analyzing the other choices the parties have other than the agreement being negotiated.

The student will apply the concepts of commonality and connection to improve their ability to persuade.

The student will review the Principles of negotiating that are never violated.  The Rules of negotiating will be understood by the student.  The student will comprehend the Tools every negotiator needs.  The student will be able to use and recognize the Techniques and Tricks of negotiating

The student will be able to apply a range of techniques to enable their buyer clients to win a bidding war when they are representing buyers in a multiple offer situation.  The student will be able to employ the procedures to properly represent sellers who receive multiple offers will be taught.

The students will practice and improve their negotiating skills when they are negotiating repair requests.

The students will discover techniques to use when they are negotiating with difficult people and bullies.  The students will prepare to be able to get past an impasse so they have skills to use when the negotiations are stuck.

This course will empower you:

To win a bidding war for your buyer when there are multiple offers

To negotiate repairs better so you will keep your sale on track

To deal with difficult people so you can handle the most obnoxious situations

To keep your sale together when negotiations break down.

To better represent a seller who receives multiple offers to avoid the disasters that can happen if you do not know how to protect the seller and yourself

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Introduction with Definition of Negotiating

Concepts that Apply to All Negotiating

  • Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • What Style Will you Use: Collaborative or Confrontational
  • Knowledge is Power

Create a Game Plan

  • Distinguish Negotiating Position from Motivation
  • Provide Feedback instead of Preaching

Persuasion Works Better if You Have Commonality and Connection

Principles of Negotiating

Rules of Negotiating

Tools for Negotiators

Techniques & Negotiating Tricks

How to Win a Multiple Offer Bidding War for Your Buyer

How to Represent a Seller Who Receives Multiple Offers

Negotiating Repairs

Negotiating with Difficult People

What to Do When You Are Stuck