Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide real estate agents with knowledge about negotiating to improve their comprehension of all aspects of negotiating real estate sales to enable them to apply our teachings to allow them to negotiate better with other real estate agents and their clients.  Our goals are to provide the negotiating knowledge so that the agents can assemble the skills necessary in a negotiation to construct more agreements that are better quality agreements that will operate allow their real estate sales to close more gracefully.  Our objectives are to teach real estate agents the judgment necessary to be able to analyze every real estate sales situation to evaluate the proper use of negotiation skills to be applied in order to provide better service to their clients and everyone involved in the real estate sale.


This mission statement is reviewed and evaluated by Tim Burrell each year on January first to be sure that the Mission Statement to ensure that our educational efforts will achieve our goals.  This review gives Tim a New Year’s resolution to make any necessary adjustments to the mission statement that will adapt to any change in the needs our students and their clients.