Tim Burrell has the experience to solve everything that comes up in real estate.  He started in real estate at birth, as his father was a builder and his mother was a Realtor.  He grew up building custom homes with his father and two brothers, working his way through law school as a master carpenter.  Tim developed more skills by graduating from UCLA Law School with a concentration in real estate law.  He represented clients in real estate lawsuits in California and is still a member of the State Bar of California.  Tim became a full-time Realtor in 1979 in the South Bay of Los Angeles, then moved to Raleigh in 1996.  He was America’s first bi-coastal Realtor, as he sold real estate simultaneously in California and North Carolina from 2002 to 2007 by leading teams of Realtors in both areas.

Tim is an expert negotiator as he wrote the book, Create A Great Deal, the Art of Real Estate Negotiating, that is widely used to train agents to negotiate.  He teaches continuing education classes in negotiating and his classes are approved by the real estate regulators in several states. Tim is a speaker on negotiating at national conventions of real estate agents, including RE/MAX, Prudential Real Estate and the Council of Residential Specialists.  He has also given presentations at conventions on bank-owned properties (REOs) and Short Sales.



Tim has extensive experience in a vast array of real estate transactions so the breadth of his experience gives him more tools to solve real estate issues.  For example, he represents Fannie Mae, Citi, Chase, Bank of America and other institutions selling bank owned properties (REOs).  On the other extreme, he has sold multi-million dollar mansions.  He has sold raw land, land that has been subdivided, improved lots and homes that he custom built.  He is an expert on Short Sales, as he wrote the book Create A Short Sale, Your Guide Through the Short Sale Maze and taught continuing education classes to Realtors on Short Sales.  Tim represents a large number of investors, from landlords who buy and hold properties to “flippers” who fix and sell properties.  He owns rental properties himself and “fix and flips” properties.

Tim married Judy, who he met in fourth grade.  They have two children and six grandchildren.  One of his major efforts is to be sure that his grandchildren get too much attention.  Tim loves Golden Retrievers, as they had them for decades.  He is a private pilot, flying single-engine planes.  Tim is one of the original surfers of the California coast.  He also loves skiing and windsurfing.  Best of all, he is an accomplished storyteller.



Thank you, Mr. Burrell! I was at your class last year and my gross income was 50 % more than the previous year and it was thanks to your negotiation class! Thank you!

– Monica Mendez

Great tools to add to the toolbox. This class gives organization and strategy for negotiating skills; whether it comes naturally or more of a challenge, these are some great nuggets of information for all skill levels!

- Lisa Porter Dismore