The Art of Real Estate Negotiating will improve your negotiating ability. It is not abstract theory. We will teach you how to deal with the problems you encounter daily with real-life stories that will show you exactly what to say and do.

Negotiating should not be a battle, as it is truly an art. You can learn to artfully create more deals and better deals.
This book focuses only on real estate negotiating, the kind that real estate agents and investors have to learn to succeed. The most difficult part of a real estate sale is occasionally the other agent or the other party. Yes, there are difficult customers, stressful situations, and sudden problems. But, if you and the other parties can negotiate well together, the experience can be professional, occasionally choreographed like a smooth dance.
What’s inside?
This book is over 250 pages of in-depth analysis of real estate negotiating in a manner that has never been done before. You will get an understanding of all the terms and concepts used in real estate negotiating of every type, for every market.
Designed specifically for agents and professional real estate negotiators, you get a step by step guide on how to represent buyers, sellers and yourself in all the situations you can face in the real estate business.

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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), eighty-three percent of our clients expect that we are highly trained in negotiation. NAR has discovered this is one of the biggest disappointments to our clients. With our service, you will be able to impress your clients and make your life easier.


For Realtors near Raleigh, you can register for live C.E course that will be conducted by Tim Burrell and get a 4 hour CE credit and the e-book. For Realtors near Raleigh and outside North Carolina who wants to take advantage of taking the course online, simply register for our online course

And if you need to hire a consultant to improve your negotiating skills and business, you can go to our "Negotiating Consultant" page to schedule a consultation with Tim Burrell.

Online Course

The Online - Art of Real Estate Negotiating is a course that will enable you to identify the factors involved in a real estate negotiation, analyze the people and implement a game plan using the techniques and tools from the course so that you will make more deals work.

In-Person Class

This continuing education class for Real Estate Agents will improve your negotiating ability. It is not abstract theory. The class will teach you how to deal with the problems you encounter daily with real life stories that will show you exactly what to say and do.

Negotiating Consultant

If you need help with a real estate negotiation, We will discuss your negotiation, analyze it, then create a solution that will allow you to get great results. This is not a training course where you have to figure out how to solve your own problem. I will go through all the facets of your negotiation and make it work.

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Author of Create A Great Deal, the Art of Real Estate Negotiating widely used to teach real estate negotiating

A national speaker on Real Estate Negotiating

Licensed attorney in California since 1973

America’s first bi-coastal Realtor

Member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

Author of negotiating articles for Inman News

Subject matter expert on Negotiating for CRS

Works full-time in North Carolina affiliated with RE/Max United


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